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We Love You, Canada:
Nous t’aimons, Canada:


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The Confederation Centre Youth Chorus, with (front row left to right) Choir Director Donald Fraser, composer and record producer Andrew A. Melzer. PHOTO ©SALLY COLE/SALTWIRE MEDIA

Melzer releases new single to honour Canada’s 150th birthday

P.E.I.’s Andrew A. Melzer is seen on the streets of Charlottetown just prior to releasing his new single ‘We Love You, Canada’ – ‘Nous t’aimons, Canada’, this past Friday. It features the Confederation Centre Youth Chorus, under the direction of Donald Fraser.

©Sally Cole/The Guardian

CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Multiple award-nominated composer and producer, Andrew A. Melzer, who resides on P.E.I., released his new, independent single recording “We Love You, Canada” – “Nous t’aimons, Canada” this past Friday.

It features the Confederation Centre Youth Chorus, under the direction of Donald Fraser.

The song lyrics have been created in both of our country’s official languages (with French lyrics written by ECMA nominee Yvette d’Entremont) and both song versions feature an identical, moving, contemporary arrangement, as well as the Confederation Centre Youth Chorus, under the direction of Donald Fraser.
“ ‘We Love You, Canada’ is an exceptional, uplifting and creative companion to our National Anthem, and will be heard throughout our country’s 150th anniversary season on national and regional Canadian radio stations and television programs and also internationally,” a news release states.

Both ‘We Love You, Canada’ and ‘Nous T’Aimons, Canada’ are available on iTunes,, and all major web stores.

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Hello, I am Andrew A. Melzer….( a composer and record producer. Click on the video above or the audio players below to listen to my first record: “Canada”…a single that was released in 1967 in English and French to celebrate Canada’s Centennial. “Canada” was a very successful release and helped to launch my career. It was played on radio stations from coast to coast and sold in stores across Canada.

English Version – Version anglaise:

French version – Version française:

ABOUT THE SONG: “We Love You, Canada”

In 2017, we celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday and I have written a song called “We Love You, Canada” specifically for a children’s choir. My friend Donald Fraser, is an incredible choir master and conductor. He invited me to try the song with the Confederation Centre Youth Chorus of Charlottetown, P.E.I….They sounded so fantastic and the kids were so enthusiastic, that I just knew that after fifty years, I had to do this again.

I asked my talented singer/songwriter friend and East Coast Music Awards (ECMA) nominee, Yvette d’Entremont (, to write the French lyrics. Yvette wrote amazing lyrics for Nous t’aimons, Canada.

Here is an interview I did with Angela Walker of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in P.E.I. that will tell you more about me, the first “Canada” song, and my plans for the new song:

Here’s a story in the PEI Guardian newspaper:

Youth chorus gets some help from composer

Canadian composer Andrew Melzer works with the Confederation Centre Youth Chorus on a recording

By Sally Cole

Chorus director Don Fraser, left, and composer Andrew Melzer, are excited about a new song marking the 150th birthday of Confederation, recorded by the Confederation Centre’s Youth Chorus. Melzer is asking the public for support for the Canada 150 project.


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The Confederation Centre Youth Chorus are loved by their audiences and have a very prestigious history. They have not only performed in the Atlantic Provinces but also across Canada. In the U.S., they sang in New York City, Washington, DC and at Disneyworld, FL. They have also performed in Bermuda, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and even in St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. They are set to return to Rome soon with concerts planned in Naples as well.


I’m convinced that we’ll create a great recording and am asking you: “Would you please contribute to make this a reality?”.

Your help will support the funding of a world class recording of the choir with some of Canada’s finest studio musicians. Your help will also provide for the mixing and mastering of the recording plus an accompanying video shoot and post production. We will need the creation of artwork, replication of the CDs, and to hire professionals for the PR and Radio Marketing campaigns.


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With your generosity, we can make “We Love You, Canada” a smashing success for Canada’s 150th Birthday….one that we can all be proud of. Would you please contribute to make this a reality? I would be ever so grateful for your support. Thank you.